Why is a Private Charter Jet the Most Productive Way to Travel for Business?

Private Charter Jet the Most Productive Way to Travel

The birth of private air travel can be traced back to the history of aviation. Shortly after the airplane was invented and commenced operations in civil applications, it gained attention as a dependable and efficient means of transportation. Early commercial aviation was an almost purely hospitality industry where passengers relished luxury onboard amenities. However, as the number of passengers increased, airports and airliners became overcrowded. This gave rise to the concept of private aircraft charters, charter jets Austin where clients could continue to enjoy air travel the same way it began.

A considerable portion of domestic travel in the U.S. is specifically for corporate purposes. Corporate travel is a tremendous billion-dollar industry and an estimated 1.1 million people board an aircraft every day for business. Two of the most important benefits of business travel are on-time performance and privacy while traveling. For this reason, every legacy carrier offers business class, first class, or premium suites on their commercial jetliners.

Unfortunately, the airline industry is largely focused on cutting expenses to overcome high operational costs. Airline passengers have to accept the significant risk of flight cancellations and delays, hectic check-in and boarding processes, lack of privacy, and mandatory connecting flights. Such inconveniences may not concern a leisure flyer but are critical for corporate travelers.

MERLIN1’s Corporate Travel Package

MERLIN1’s Corporate Travel Package is exclusively tailored for business travelers, and every detail is expertly designed to fit your needs and enhance the overall productivity of your business. Our Charter Jets San Antonio, Charter Jets Dallas, and Charter Jets Austin are always ready to take you places. Please visit Our Program page for additional details.


We understand that safety is your top concern when traveling. MERLIN1 is a fully certified Part 135 operator founded over 20 years ago, and you can rest assured that we have never compromised on our safety standards. To learn more about MERLIN1’s safety culture, please click here.

On-Time Performance

On-time performance is one of the most vital aspects of business travel, and we understand the value of time. MERLIN1 ensures smooth flight operations by maintaining a healthy supply chain; our Planning and Control Team is committed to managing every part of our flight operations. When our aircraft is ready to fly, it has been legally Tramadol cleared for operation by complying with strict maintenance standards and federal regulations. Our flight crew is always ready; their training and experience exceed the minimum required by the FAA. Upon confirmation of your booking, our team immediately starts planning your journey and curates the itinerary for your approval.

Multiple Cities in a Day

The huge advantage of nonstop only flights on MERLIN1 private jets not only saves you time but also enables you to maximize your business travel days. You can now be in multiple cities on the same day, and personalize your travel itinerary to completely suit your schedule. Not being at the mercy of airline flight schedules substantially buy Tramadol online eliminates worry and frustration, especially when an unforeseen disruption could affect your entire trip. Along with saving you time by skipping airline check-in and TSA security lines, MERLIN1 private jets also provide a significant reduction in fatigue during your journey, and a chance to avoid airport and airline food.

You and your team will enjoy complete privacy to discuss business and remain productive onboard, and arrive at your destinations refreshed and ready. Our premium business jets are equipped with all the luxuries needed to make you feel at home in the sky.

Comfort and Privacy

MERLIN1’s fleet offers luxury jets including the Citation III and Learjet 35. Our passenger cabins are meticulously designed, including high-end furnishings, industrial-grade air circulation systems, and a quiet, cozy ambiance for resting or working onboard. To learn more about MERLIN1’s fleet, click here. We serve complimentary meals and drinks onboard according to your preferences.

MERLIN1 is honored to serve many corporations throughout Texas, we have taken our valued clients all over the United States and South America in the last 20 years. Are you looking for a reliable and efficient travel partner to boost the overall productivity of your organization in this competitive environment?

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