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Corporate private jet travel trends in 2024

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Corporate private jet travel trends in 2024

The landscape of corporate travel is experiencing notable shifts, with employee wellbeing increasingly taking center stage. The demand for worklife balance during business trips is stronger than ever, and organizations should be looking to adapt to these evolving expectations.

Here, we explore three prominent business travel trends for 2024 and examine how private jet travel can help amplify and facilitate these new norms.

Employee wellbeing at the forefront

In a world where remote working is increasingly valued, business travelers are seeking a continuation of the freedom, flexibility, and personal time they enjoy in their daily lives, even then on the move. According to Travelport research in 2022, 35% of business travelers prioritize options that support wellbeing and productivity, and aid recovery. For many, this means handier flight times and meeting times, as well as more time for R&R. In fact, for employees, wellbeing is fast becoming as crucial as financial compensation.

This is where private charter jet travel comes in. MERLIN1 not only offers flexibility in scheduling but also provides an unmatched level of comfort and convenience. The in-flight experience allows travelers to unwind and recharge before reaching their destination, complete with top-notch entertainment, gourmet catering and personalized services. This not only enhances wellbeing but also sets the stage for a productive business trip.

Bleisure travel – going beyond the boardroom

Business travelers are increasingly seeking experiences that make work trips more appealing and purposeful. In 2022/2023, almost half of business travelers included additional time for leisure on some trips, and 61% agreed that corporate travel policies should allow for leisure time.

While private jet travel offers a gateway to leisurely comfort, Texas where MERLIN1 has several hubs, boasts an array of unique opportunities to extend your business trip with leisure activities.

In San Antonio, you can rejuvenate with a visit to the city’s renowned River Walk, wander through its botanical gardens or visit its many museums. Dallas has a vibrant arts scene with countless museums, offering a cultural retreat after business engagements. Or why not catch a Dallas Cowboys game?

Houston is a hub of diversity, providing culinary adventures and green spaces for relaxation such as the Buffalo Bayou. Fort Worth, known for its Western heritage, invites you to explore the Stockyards, unwind in nature, or enjoy the excitement at Texas Motor Speedway. And Austin is a mecca for shopping, live music and sport.

What’s more, private jet travel extends beyond solo endeavors and provides an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones. With MERLIN1 you could have a truly inclusive experience. Invite family and friends and even your pets, to accompany you on your trip.

Bleisure travel has become a powerful driver of employee engagement

Increased motivation – the opportunity to explore new places or engage in enjoyable activities enhances enthusiasm for work-related trips.

Employee engagement – demonstrates that your organization values its employees’ experiences and recognizes the importance of their personal time.

Retention and loyalty – when employees feel that their employer supports a holistic approach to their well-being, they’re more likely to remain loyal.

Positive impact on company culture – it sends a message that the organization values its employees as individuals, beyond their professional contributions. This can foster a sense of community and camaraderie among employees.

Attraction for younger talent – offering bleisure opportunities can make a company more attractive to these individuals, helping with talent acquisition and creating a diverse and dynamic workforce.

Redefining corporate travel with MERLIN charter jet services

Indulge in luxurious comfort – luxuriate in flawlessly crafted interiors, offering ample legroom and standing space. Enjoy complimentary catering featuring a diverse menu with premium drinks and snacks. Should you crave a meal from your favorite restaurant, MERLIN1 is delighted to arrange it for you.

Flexibility and convenience – take command of your bleisure travel itinerary with MERLIN1. Enjoy the freedom to dictate preferred departure and arrival times, liberating yourself from the constraints of commercial travel. 

Austin M1 Base at Atlantic FBO

As an added touch of convenience, a deluxe rental car facility ensures your journey is not only flexible but exceptionally comfortable.

FBO excellence – take our FBO at Austin-Bergstrom Airport as an example, and you have a space that surpasses the conventional stopover, tailored for private jet travelers’ unique needs. Beyond a mere lounge, its strategically designed spaces with private meeting rooms featuring cutting-edge technology.

These rooms cater to the dynamic requirements of corporate executives, fostering on-the-go strategizing and decision-making. They’ll also help ensure you enjoy your time on the ground while they look after the aircraft and look after your every need.

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