No longer are you constrained to pre-determined times and flight paths – a private charter puts all the power in your hands. You’ll never have to rearrange your schedule, because there are no set flight schedules. Being able to choose exactly when you want to fly is a huge convenience, and it’s one of the main reasons so many people choose this option.

You don’t need to worry about connecting flights or layovers either. Unless the plane needs to stop for fuel because you’re traveling a long distance, it is always a nonstop flight to wherever you are going.

Also, private planes are much smaller than commercial airplanes, so there are many more airstrip options for landing. This means that you will be able to get closer to your destination than you would if flying on a traditional airline.

Anticipate individualized amenities, a fleet of beautifully-designed, state-of-the-art planes, the friendliest, most knowledgeable pilots in the game, and the assurance of ten years of operations under our belt. MERLIN1 infuses every trip with the spirit of hospitality for a remarkable light-jet experience that resonates with comfort, relaxation, and confidence that you are well take care of.


We strive to ensure that every MERLIN1 charter flight will be a remarkable experience that resonates safety, comfort, relaxation and confidence. Our fleet includes Citation III 650s and LearJet 35s. Call 210.777.6839 to get a customized flight package for you or your business!

[EXPERT TIP – if traveling intrastate, always opt for our LearJets. They are much cheaper than a midsize jet and will get you there just as fast.]


Those who fly with commercial airlines are accustomed to showing up hours in advance for that flight, but that’s not necessary with a private charter. The plane will take off shortly after you arrive, and the security check doesn’t take nearly as long as it does for commercial flyers. While it’s still a good idea to show a little early, you certainly don’t need to set aside two or three hours.

[EXPERT TIP – in most private charter airports you can drive right up to the craft and have someone park your car for you.]


It is important to keep in mind that flying on a private plane is completely safe, and in fact it can be even safer than commercial flight. The chances of a serious incident occurring on a private aircraft are extremely low. Many people who fly on a private aircraft for the first time are nervous, but there is no need to be. These aircraft are regularly inspected and maintained just like commercial airplanes.

[EXPERT TIP – private aircrafts spend 3.5 hours in maintenance checks for every one hour of flight.]






Most people think of private charters as leisure travel for amazing vacations, but half or more of private flights are used for business travel. If you need to make a client meeting halfway across your state, you’ll typically need to spend days away from your family – completely dependent upon commercial flight schedules or how fast your car can drive down the highway.

A private charter can get you out the door, sometimes within hours of needing to travel, to your meeting back before the close of the business day. Moreover, it’s far safer than taking that last minute, seven-hour drive to make a meeting.

[EXPERT TIP – charter companies that own their own fleet can get you tighter schedules compared to those that lease crafts where you typically need a 24-hour advance booking.]


Let’s be honest, the real reason we love private jet travel are for the extreme perks involved. With charter flights, your experience is largely up to your imagination and bank account. You can request food from specific restaurants and even request your favorite bottle of Scotch – there really aren’t many limitations.

There is nothing quite like flying on a private aircraft, and the more prepared you are, the better your experience will be.

A final reminder – those who charter their own plane don’t need to worry about waiting in long security lines, but you will still have to bring your ID. You’ll need your driver’s license if you are traveling domestically or a passport if you’re heading to an international destination.

[EXPERT TIP – look for charter groups that provide for special perks for previous customers – like the OSEM Program from MERLIN1 that gives you the opportunity for free flights every week.]