How Safe is Traveling in a Private Jet?

How Safe is Traveling in MERLIN1 Private Jet

Amongst all the modes of transportation available to mankind, flying is arguably the safest. The aviation industry’s sophisticated system of checks and balances, rigorous training, advanced technology, and strict regulations is the foundation for its high safety standards.

You may be concerned if traveling on a private aircraft is as safe as on commercial airplanes, but you can rest assured that the aviation industry in the United States, including private jet operations, is extensively regulated in all aspects by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Department of Transportation, the federal transportation agency, aims to design and coordinate policies which result in an efficient national transportation system that effectively addresses demand, environmental concerns, and national security. The FAA, a subsidiary of the DOT, focuses on the development, implementation, and enforcement of laws for the entire U.S. aviation industry as well as commercial space transportation. To obtain the relevant certifications, airline operators, flight schools, private charter companies, and others in the aviation industry must adhere to stringent FAA standards. Be sure you’re flying with a fully certified FAA operator the next time you board a private jet. MERLIN1 is a fully certified charter jet operator offering Charter Jets San Antonio, Charter Jets Austin, and Charter Jets Houston.

Safety is our number one priority here at MERLIN1. No MERLIN1 aircraft has ever been in an incident, accident, or investigation since the inception of the company. That’s a PERFECT safety record for every hour of flight time we’ve ever flown over more than 20 years of flight operations. All MERLIN1 pilots undergo our rigorous in-house training program and work together as a crew to provide you with the safest and most comfortable experience possible. All our Captains flew in the military and/or the airlines. This commitment to safety and excellence might be our job, but it begins with your precious cargo.

Here at MERLIN1, we always go the extra mile for our guests. Before every flight, MERLIN1 charter jets are inspected for airworthiness—we operate a fleet of advanced private jets to ensure that you are safe, comfortable, and confident in your travel goals while flying with us. Our in-house maintenance department is comprised of highly skilled and licensed technicians that pay close attention to every detail. We utilize advanced maintenance management methods to verify that every aspect of our aircraft is perfect and ready to fly.

Choose MERLIN1 for your next adventure—we ensure that our passengers are in the safest hands in the sky. Our experienced flight crew of more than 20 pilots has thousands of flying hours under their wings and has undergone extensive training beyond FAA requirements. Our flight operations team also ensures that every member of the flight and cabin crew is sufficiently rested before their next flight, reducing the risk of fatigue while enhancing overall flight safety.

To enable flight operations to run smoothly and efficiently, our flight planning team works closely with regulatory authorities to plan out your entire journey. MERLIN1 invites you onboard if you are looking for Charter Jets San Antonio, Charter Jets Austin, or Charter Jets Houston. With MERLIN1, you will not only be on the safest private charter flight but also will feel more at home in the sky thanks to our luxury amenities.

Selecting an appropriate charter jet provider might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. MERLIN1’s approach puts the focus on safety, and while we do occasionally run into unforeseen issues such as the current global pandemic, we never let an aircraft fly unless it is airworthy and flight-certified by our highly qualified and weight loss pill experienced maintenance personnel under the supervision of the FAA. We implement total quality management and perform quality checks at each and every step to provide our valued guests comfort and peace of mind throughout their whole journey.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, MERLIN1 has adopted more stringent rules to enhance hygiene standards on board—our aircraft are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each flight according to industrial and regulatory standards. Our jets are equipped with industrial-grade air filters to continuously supply fresh air inside the cabin. We offer an array of sanitizing products to our guests and maintain strict levels of hygiene in our food and beverages served. Everyone on our team, from pilots to technicians to management, is fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 as per CDC recommendations. Your health and safety in the sky are our utmost responsibility.

Planning a family trip or traveling with your executives to close that business deal? MERLIN1 is ready to serve you on a luxury flight experience for your next journey. To learn more about our advanced fleet and onboard amenities, please click here.

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