Everything you need to know about private jet travel

Everything you need to know about private jet travel

With MERLIN1, you can travel by private charter jet across Texas and beyond. With our primary bases in AustinDallasFort WorthHouston and San Antonio, we offer luxury travel on our fantastic fleet of Citation 650 jets.

With MERLIN1, you can travel by executive charter jet across Texas and beyond. From our primary bases in Austin, Dallas, Fort WorthHouston and San Antonio, we don’t just get you to your destination—we work hard to exceed your every expectation every step of the way. Whether you’ve used private jet charter services before or are considering flying private for the first time, we’re sharing everything you need to know about private jet travel!

What is private jet charter?

First, we’re going back to basics for those who haven’t flown private before. If you’re wondering exactly what taking a private charter jet means, it’s essentially private jet rental or hire—you’re renting your very own entire aircraft for a specific trip. Many businesses and individuals choose private charter jets as a supplement to commercial airline flights or other modes of transport due to the efficiency, and flexibility with scheduling that it provides. For example, business travelers can take advantage of the ability to visit multiple locations for meetings in one day and be back at home with their families that same evening. Private jet travel is truly one of the most efficient, flexible and convenient ways to travel for business or leisure.

Convenient and efficient travel

One of biggest gripes of those traveling with a commercial airline is the requirement to arrive at the airport at least three hours before an international flight is scheduled to depart. When you book a charter with MERLIN1, whether its domestic or international, you can arrive just minutes before your flight as long as your paperwork is in order—we’ll help you prepare everything you need. You’re also not constrained to pre-determined flight times and routes—you decide when and where you fly. You’ll never have to miss an important meeting, because there are no set flight schedules.

Here’s what one of our clients had to say:

“If I flew commercial, I would have to usually fly out the night before, and be one night away from my family, do a hearing, and probably not get back until the following day or late that night—two days out of work for a 20-minute hearing.

It makes more sense to charter and get back to work and to be with my family—MERLIN1 is more value!”

An unrivalled on-board experience

Private jets are well known for being the most comfortable way to travel by air. When you charter a private jet you’ll have room to relax, and you can indulge yourself and your guests with endless on-board amenities. From choosing your favourite food and drinks to your favourite movies or having plenty of space to work if you’re travelling for business, when you travel with MERLIN1 your comfort and of course your safety are our utmost priority. Seating on our executive charter jets offers more legroom and reclining space than the seats in first class on a commercial airline. With just you and your invited passengers and our fantastic crew on board, you’ll have more space to spread out—this applies both to you and your belongings!

We also love to welcome pets on MERLIN1. If you do plan on traveling with your furry companion, it’s so much more comfortable for both of you when you fly privately. Instead of stowing your pet in the cargo compartment and wondering how they are getting on during the flight, your pet can be in the cabin with you, either on your lap or on their own seat.

Travel within Texas and beyond

Although MERLIN1’s primary bases are in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, you aren’t restricted to these destinations—MERLIN1 can fly you across the United States and beyond. Our operational footprint is throughout North and Central America, and flying private allows you to take advantage of more convenient arrival airports. We often get asked “Can executive charter jets land at major airports?” or “Where do private jets land?” and the answer is simple. When you fly commercial, you’re limited to the airport the airline is scheduled to arrive at. When you fly privately, you can choose to land at international airports, if it makes sense with your itinerary, or at smaller regional airports that are much closer to your final destination. Executive and regional airports are usually much less busy, making them a preferable departure or arrival airport.

Get in touch

Our concierge team is available to find the right solution to fit your unique travel needs and discuss any queries you have. Give us a call on 210.777.6839 or leave us a message via our website and we’ll be in touch soon. We can’t wait to welcome you on board our executive charter jets for an unforgettable experience. It’s your time to fly!

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