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Do You Have to Go Through Security to Ride on a Private Jet?

Do You Have to Go Through Security to Ride on a Private Jet

With MERLIN1, you can travel by private charter jet across Texas and beyond. With our primary bases in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, we offer luxury travel on our fantastic fleet of Citation 650 jets.

Besides arriving hours early to the airport, trudging through security can be one of the biggest hassles of air travel. If you’re tired of the long lines, TSA security checkpoint requirements, and flight delays, you may find traveling by private jet to be one of the best decisions you’ve made when it comes to getting where you want with as little hassle as possible.

While travelers are still required to pass through some type of security when contracting a private jet, the entire flight process is not only much more enjoyable, but it offers plenty of other benefits for you and your busy schedule. From bringing along your pet(s) to keeping your shoes on, flying with a private jet knows no comparison.

Do You Have to Go Through Security to Ride on a Private Jet

Airport security measures require all passengers to go through some sort of security checkpoint, whether they’re flying commercial or private. However, those savvy travelers who contract a private jet have a much better experience overall.

For example, most private jets are housed in a private jet terminal, or what’s known as a fixed-base operator (FBO) terminal. This is a designated space for the private jet company that allows them to operate within the airport. Security measures there are much more efficient, especially when it comes to (a) leaving your shoes on and (b) avoiding liquid limits. Plus, you can easily submit your ID and passport for verification ahead of time in order to reduce your time from arriving at the airport to boarding the jet and taking off.

Every private jet firm must adhere to the same FAA standards commercial planes are held to, including the fact that all pilots, flight crew members, and passengers are subject to security measures. With that said, many of these security processes are optimized to improve your downtime before your flight begins.

Perks of Flying Private vs. Commercial

Besides many of the things you don’t have to do as a private jet passenger, there are tangible benefits that make this service a popular one among frequent fliers.

Convenient and Efficient

Private jets allow you to arrive at the airport, go through a separate security checkpoint, verify your identity, and then board the plane. All of this can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes, and you can be on your way to your next destination. As soon as all passengers, flight crew, and pilots are present, the flight is ready to begin.

Private jets are typically faster at arriving at airports as well, since they don’t require as much fuel. Because of their smaller size than commercial planes, they can sometimes land closer to a destination, at a smaller airport. This reduces the time necessary to arrive at your final destination. And with only a few items of luggage on-board, you can be sure your personal effects will arrive with you.


The luxury feel of a private jet isn’t something you’ll even get close to with a commercial flight. Most private jets offer exclusive items such as drinks, snacks, and even meals. You’ll get personalized service when you’re hungry without having to wait for a cart to make its way to your seat.

In-Flight Benefits

Flights in a private jet tend to be exponentially better because of the perks you’ll experience in-flight. For example, you can take advantage of food and drink as you please. Plus, you can also bring your pet(s) on-board with you and allow them to roam the cabin while stable in the air.

Many private jet passengers also have important business to attend to. The technological capabilities of the plane allow you to speak on the phone with your clients as well as follow along with them on your personal laptop or other device. No one will be looking over your shoulder or interrupting your negotiations.

Departure and Arrival Services

Many private jet companies also offer a service to provide you with ground transportation once you arrive. This can be incredibly useful for trips that require you to attend an event shortly after touching down.

The MERLIN1 Difference When Flying on a Private Jet

When it comes to flying with MERLIN1, we offer our private jet customers some of the best service in the industry. Our fleet of Citation 650s is equipped to handle all your flying needs, from overnight stays to round-trip journeys. We’ve successfully flown hundreds of clients across the nation since 2007 and continue to provide excellence in flight as well as on the ground.

Our beloved customer program allows you exclusive access to priority flights from coast to coast. Enjoy the VIP treatment with complementary catering for all meals, as well as an extensive menu of premium drinks and snacks. A private lavatory is available for your convenience. Plus, you won’t be denied a charter request or pay crew or overnight fees.

MERLIN1 owns all our own aircraft, so you won’t be delayed by large corporations. We provide discounts on same-day round trips as well as $50 million in insurance coverage. Within the term length of 12 months, we’re sure to fly you across the nation to destinations just waiting for new memories to be made.

It Pays to Fly Private

Flying on a private plane can be a wonderful and rewarding experience that you’ll want to repeat time and time again for your next trips. There are many perks to flying privately, one of the biggest being able to skip the TSA lines and board within 30 minutes of arriving at the airport.

Flying with a private plane might cost more depending on how you book your flight, but it can be worth every penny for the peace and quiet, as well as the stress-free, hassle-free experience most frequent flyers enjoy.

If you’re looking to book your next trip with a private jet, give us a call today. Speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives to learn more about how you can make the most of your trip with a private jet suited to your needs.

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