Busting the biggest Private Charter Jet myths

Busting the biggest Private Charter Jet myths

MERLIN1 charter jets Austin are proud to offer unparalleled value, superior customer service and incredible flexibility. With our primary bases in San Antonio and Austin as well as bases at Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston; our clients have a huge choice of top destinations to fly to and from across Texas and beyond by private jet charter.

This month at MERLIN1, we’re busting some of the biggest myths about private charter jet hire…

 Myth 1 – Private jet travel is unaffordable

One of the most common myths is that you need to be extremely wealthy to hire a private charter jet. In fact, private jet travel has become more affordable and accessible to a wider range of clients in recent years. At MERLIN1, we can offer you ways to save whilst still travelling in style and luxury, providing the ultimate private charter jet experience.

MERLIN1 offer simple one-way pricing and ways to save including empty leg trips – available to book on a first come first served basis. Our empty leg offers consist of one-way travel on our Citation III 650 jets at heavily discounted prices. Currently we have a San Antonio repositioning flight available on our website. You can also register for empty leg flight alerts, so don’t miss out!

Travelling with a larger group and filling the seats on our private jets can also offer significant financial advantage, whether for business, a sporting event, wedding or music tour. MERLIIN1 provides the highest standard of service, which can be exclusively tailored to you and your travel companions – whatever your needs.

Myth 2 – Private jets can’t fly in bad weather

Another common myth surrounding private jet travel is that if bad weather forces commercial flights to delay or cancel, then private jets have to follow suit and be grounded too. Fortunately, private charter jets have the option of choosing an alternative airport, which allows you to book with a greater degree of confidence.

Private charter jets can also change flight plans quickly or push back their departure time and wait it out with minimal delays rather than cancel completely, which can sometimes be the outcome for commercial airlines in bad weather.

Myth 3 – The safety of private jet travel

Some potential clients may initially be concerned whether traveling on a private aircraft is as safe as commercial airplanes. However, you can be confident that every airline Tramadol in the United States, including private jet travel, is extensively regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Safety is our number one priority here at MERLIN1. We undergo rigorous checks and have a spotless safety record. Our highest standard private jets have never been in an incident, accident, or investigation since the inception of MERLIN1 over 20 years ago. We work closely with partners across our supply chain to ensure the safety of our crew and clients through every step of their journey with us.

Myth 4 – Private jets are not as fast as commercial airlines

Many believe that travelling by a commercial airline is faster than travelling by private jet. However, private jets often have the ability to fly faster, depending on the model of jet flown. For example Tramadol without prescription, MERLIN1’s Citation III 650 jets have an impressive cruising speed of 543 miles an hour, allowing you to travel in speed and style!

The flexibility to fly in and out of smaller airports that are often closer to the clients’ departure point and destination also makes the makes the door-to-door speed significantly faster when traveling privately!

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