Big benefits of Executive Jet charters

Big benefits of Executive Jet charters

With MERLIN1, you can travel by private charter jet across Texas and beyond. With our primary bases in Austin, Dallas, Fort WorthHouston and San Antonio, we offer luxury travel on our fantastic fleet of Citation 650 jets.

Looking for an executive jet charter in Texas? Then look no further than MERLIN1. We’re set apart by our unparalleled commitment to safety, reliability, comfort, on time performance and reasonable pricing. With five bases in Texas including Austin, we can fly you across Texas and beyond – to anywhere in North and Central America.

If you’re ready to give up traveling with commercial airlines and explore the world of private jet charters, here are some of the big benefits to flying private for you to explore.

Maintain your privacy against private flight trackers

I’m sure you’ve heard of the multiple Twitter accounts that track and share publically available flight data springing up over the past six months or so—publicizing the travel of celebrities, public figures and business owners across Twitter and other social media platforms.

This invasion of privacy has caused many to feel uneasy, with accounts building hundreds of thousands of followers. A recent article by Business Insider details how Bernard Arnault, CEO of Louis Vuitton, sold his private jet after people started tracking it on Twitter and started renting private aircraft for his travel instead.

Not only do people not want their private lives posted all on social media for people to comment on, there is a safety element here too. Earlier this year, Elon Musk reportedly offered $5,000 to the person behind a Twitter account that tracked his travel, asking the Twitter user to shut it down. He failed to get the account shut down and has raised concerns about his safety since then.

For those who are concerned about their private flights being tracked, hiring a private jet charter might be the best solution. When you choose an executive jet charter such as MERLIN1 you’re guaranteed to maintain your privacy. We ensure that all information about our passengers, destinations and schedules is kept strictly confidential.

Set your own schedule

Here at MERLIN1, we understand the value of your time and the importance of sticking to your schedule. If you’ve found that commercial airlines have put you behind your itinerary far too many times, an executive jet charter is well worth the extra spend.

When you book a private jet rental with MERLIN1, we’ll ask you when and where you want to go. Arriving at a smaller regional airport means you’ll be closer to your destination, and you’ll be able to choose a time that works for you rather than needing to work around the timetable of a commercial airline.

And since it’s your personal jet rental, you won’t have to wait for other passengers or aircraft delays caused by earlier flights getting behind in their schedules. You also won’t need to worry about unnecessary layovers or last minute flight delays – when you fly private you’ll arrive directly at your destination at the time you planned.

Choose who you travel with

Prefer to avoid being surrounded by strangers when you fly? A private jet booking gives you the opportunity to choose exactly who you travel with. You’ll have space and privacy with your colleagues or family that is unmatched by any commercial flight. Chartering a private jet means you can unwind or work hard in your own private setting, without being disturbed. You’ll feel refreshed and rested at the end of your flight, rather than tired and uncomfortable!

Is your favourite travel companion your fur baby? Here at MERLIN1, we love welcoming pets on board. Instead of being stowed away like cargo when you fly commercially, your pet will be treated like a fellow passenger on board a private jet charter service with MERLIN1, and can rest comfortably on your lap or the seat beside you throughout the journey. There’s no denying that flying private is the best way to travel with your pet – and they’ll be much happier too!

Arrive in ease and style

When you fly with a commercial airline, it can often be irritating to find that even if you do arrive on schedule, you then have to get on a bus to the terminal and wait around for your baggage to arrive.

A huge benefit of an executive jet charter is skipping the baggage carousel entirely. Once your private jet has stopped, you can simply gather your belongings and walk off the jet straight to your vehicle, taking you directly to dinner or your next meeting. You’ll be on your way before commercial passengers coming from the same destination on the same schedule have even left their aircraft!

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