Why private jets are great for families

Why private jets are great for families

Why private jets are great for families

Starting to think about your summer holiday? MERLIN1 offers families a choice of top destinations for travel to and from our primary bases in San Antonio and Austin, as well as our bases in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston; offering a luxurious and stress-free solution to travel across Texas and beyond. MERLIN1’s fleet offers luxury private jets including the Cessna 650 Citation III and our new 650 VI.

Private jet travel is becoming more attainable than ever, and more and more clients are choosing private charter jets as their preferred option for travelling with a family. This month we’re exploring just some of the reasons why…

Freedom and flexibility

We know how it can sometimes be hard to plan in advance with busy family life, the great thing about travelling by private jet with MERLIN1 is that you can book your holiday more spontaneously, when you’re sure there’s no commitments that might get in the way! The strict schedules of commercial flights can sometimes feel restrictive, whereas travelling by private jet means less risk of missing your flight. A private jet has the flexibility to wait for you, whether you’ve had a late start getting the kids ready or are stuck in traffic after an unexpected setback.

Stress-free security

When you travel by private jet, you’ll save the stress of travelling through a busy airport terminal with the kids. You’ll avoid waiting in security lines and repacking their bags after removing shoes, clothing, and items to go through the scanner—with MERLIN1 there’s just a quick security check then straight onto the jet!

Stay entertained

MERLIN1’s private jets are kitted out with everything you need to keep your family entertained throughout your journey. You’ll be seated together, with plenty of leg room and a variety of on-board entertainment to choose from, whether you’re travelling with toddlers or teenagers. Travelling by private jet allows you to relax and enjoy the journey together as a family, whilst adding to the meaningful memories you’ll create on your trip. Our high-quality on-board catering can be adapted to the needs of your kids; we can serve their favorite meals and you can pick your menu too, all specific to dietary requirements and served at different times if needed. We’re aware that our clients have busy schedules and always don’t have time to plan, so our private charter flights also come with a variety of delicious food and drink options for families as standard.

Bring extra baggage

Flying private also means fewer luggage restrictions; you can take everything you need for your family onto the jet with you. Our highly trained personalized crew will assist you with car seats, buggies, nappy bags and all the essentials to ensure you and your family have a luxurious and relaxing experience on board. With MERLIN1 you can also pack bikes, golf clubs, or even skis if you’re travelling a little further afield. You’ll also have the hold luggage space to yourself, meaning there’s no chance of your bags getting lost when you land!

Help on the ground

As well as looking after you on board, MERLIN1 can arrange taxi or rental transport to and from the executive airport, ensuring baby or child car seats are in place. At some airports, we can even arrange for limousine pickup close to the private jet’s steps, to ensure a swift and seamless departure for you and your family.

Get in touch

MERLIN1’s Charter Jets San Antonio and Charter Jets Austin private jet rental services are completely customized to our clients’ needs. Our Concierge Team is available 24/7 to discuss your family’s requirements, whatever the occasion. Give us a call on 210.MERLIN1 (210.777-6839) or leave us a message online and we’ll be in touch soon. We can’t wait to welcome you and your family on board our private charter jets for an unforgettable experience!

We always appreciate feedback and testimonials. If you’d be willing to share your experiences with MERLIN1, we’d love to hear from you! or you can always write a Google review about your custom charter jet experience.