The benefits of travelling through smaller regional airports by private jet

The benefits of travelling through smaller regional airports by private jet

MERLIN1 offer clients a choice of top destinations to travel to in style and luxury by private charter jet. Our primary bases are located in San Antonio and Austin, and we also have bases in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston; setting you up to travel across Texas and beyond. Whilst you start planning your next trip, we’re exploring just some of the benefits of travelling through smaller, regional airports by private charter jet.

When flying by commercial airline, whether for business or leisure, travelling through large international airports can often be one of the most stressful parts of the journey. From traffic on the highway and parking miles from the terminal, to long lines at check in, security screening and to board the aircraft, getting to and travelling through the airport often takes longer than the flight itself!

Over recent years, smaller airports are becoming more popular with both business and leisure travelers for their shorter wait times, convenience, flexibility and accessibility.

Skip the lines

When flying commercially, you’ll spend around 90 minutes travelling through the airport for domestic flights and three hours for international flights. And that’s just for a one-way journey! Flying by private charter jet means you can arrive for your flight just 15 minutes before your departure time.

At smaller, regional airports you’ll find TSA security screening takes just minutes instead of hours, with shorter lines and efficient processing. There will be no queue to board your private jet charter and you’ll be flying in luxury, speed and style in no time. With smaller executive airports you aren’t tied by slot allocations, meaning you can choose a time to fly that matches your schedule!

Have more time to spend on what’s important, instead of waiting for your flight.

Park your car and hop on board

Another common frustration when travelling by commercial airline from a large airport, is finding a place to park. If you’re travelling for business for a short trip, it’s often much more convenient to bring your car, so you can get home quickly without the hassle and time of taking a train, taxi or bus. Parking at multi-level lots at large international airports presents its own challenges; they are often a long walk from the airport and cost a huge amount for under 24 hours. When flying by private charter jet, you can often drive and park just steps away from the airport, and sometimes right up to your private charter jet’s door.

MERLIN1 can arrange valet parking, rental car services or limousine pickup on site, to help you get where you need to be quickly, before and after your flight. It really couldn’t be easier!

Conveniently located

When hiring a private charter jet with MERLIN1, you’ll be flying to and from smaller, quieter airports, that are conveniently located. Take our base in Houston, Texas for example…

Houston Executive Airport is conveniently located on the west side of Houston, just a short drive into downtown, major business centers and the Energy Corridor. It has become one of the premier destinations for travelers flying into Texas and the Houston area. Smaller bases like this are often closer to our client’s homes, making the door-to-door speed significantly faster than when travelling from a larger airport. You can take a virtual tour of Houston Executive Airport here.

Get in touch

MERLIN1’s Charter Jets San Antonio and Charter Jets Austin private jet rental services are completely customized to our clients’ needs. Whether you’re travelling with family, your partner, friends, colleagues or even your pets, our Concierge Team is available 24/7 to discuss all of your requirements, whatever the occasion. Give us a call on 210.MERLIN1 (210.777-6839) or leave us a message online and we’ll be in touch soon. We can’t wait to welcome you on board our private charter jets for an unforgettable experience!


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