The Cessna Citation III is a luxury business jet manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company. Cessna is widely known for manufacturing reliable aircraft in a wide range of categories, from light piston-powered trainer aircraft to luxury business jets. MERLIN1 gladly announces the induction of the Citation III jet for the better flying experience of passengers. Cessna designed Citation III for those who do not compromise on the serenity and privacy of air travel. MERLIN1 introduces Citation III for charter services at Austin and San Antonio to facilitate flying guests with the following benefits.

Spacious Cabin

The Citation III has a spacious cabin volume of 422 cubic feet which can host up to nine passengers and two pilots. The cabin layout is comfortably designed to carry seven passengers, two passengers on the couch and six passengers on club seats. At the rear end of the cabin, a fully enclosed lavatory fitted with decent space for a belted toilet seat and, a handwashing sink. A roomy cabin height of 5 feet and 9 inches, designed to walk through the cabin avoiding obstacles.

Extra Luggage Space

If you are traveling for a long weekend with family or planning a business trip, MERLIN1 is ready to serve your needs. Our Citation III jet can carry up to eight luggage bags while overall cargo space measures 60 cubic feet. So, stop worrying about dropping things and keep your stuff with you on the go.

Luxury Interior

The new Citation III is created in a modern sleek design, passenger cabin was refurbished by the mid of 2019. The passenger cabin is equipped with two couches fabricated with exquisite diamond pattern stitching. Behind these couches there are four club seats, each seat is furnished with a double stitching pattern. Seats are designed according to the standards of short to medium-haul premium flights for the comfort of our guests. Two extra seats are mounted at the rear of the cabin.

Comfort and Safety

Air travel is statistically the safest mode of transportation. The Cessna Citation III is produced to enhance the comfort of air travel along with maximizing safety. Although the maximum altitude which Citation III can attain is 51,000 feet, we at MERLIN1 fly at 41,000 feet as higher altitude provides better fuel economy and smoother flight. Fourteen windows around the cabin reflect bright natural light while cabin lights provide ambient lighting during the night. The Citation III is FAR Part 36 noise standards certified which makes the journey very silent and peaceful. Our Citation III jets are piloted by two highly experienced pilots to ensure less fatigue on longer journeys.

Long Range and Impressive Speed

Cessna Citation III can travel up to 2,244 miles. The range of aircraft is affected by the weight of passengers and cargo.  The passenger cabin is pressurized as per the standards of a commercial airliner. Cruising speed is one of the main attractions of Citation III, the aircraft can impressively cruise at a speed of Mach 0.8 or 543 miles an hour. MERLIN1 provides long journeys in less time to accomplish the needs of corporate customers who prefer to travel swiftly and safely.


Our guests flying charter services from Austin and San Antonio enjoy the perk of skipping long security lines at the Transportation Security Administration TSA. MERLIN1 understand needs of its customers, we facilitate charter passengers by avoiding hectic and time-consuming security checks before and after a long journey.

Delightful Flight Experience

MERLIN1 provides complimentary meals and drinks to all onboard guests, just let us know what you like, we will make it happen and take care of all details for you.

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