How Far Can a Private Jet Fly?


Business jets are designed with privacy, security, luxury, flexibility, and efficiency in mind. If you’re traveling with your executives on a business jet, a strong sense of privacy and security makes the journey much more productive than any other mode of transportation—luxury charter aircraft feel just like private offices in the sky. Simply put, business aviation operations, even those including multiple layovers, are more flexible, luxurious, and efficient for corporations compared to traveling on a regular, scheduled airline.

Private jets are known for their luxury—executives choose to fly private because it provides much more comfort in the air. Upon arrival at your destination, you and your team are still full of energy and enthusiasm to focus on your goals. Even when traveling overnight, passengers on a private charter jet will not feel exhausted after the long journey, saving you time and energy while boosting your productivity. MERLIN1 offers Charter Jets San Antonio and Charter Jets Austin—bespoke private travel services to corporate travelers who want to stay ahead.

We customize your travel itinerary to meet your needs. Every detail is tailored to your preferences, from choosing the most suitable aircraft from our fleet to route planning and crew allocation.

In this article, MERLIN1 would like to share some information on the two different business jet models in our fleet—the Cessna 650 Citation III and Learjet 35.

Citation 650 III

When it comes to business jets, the Cessna Citation is one of the most reliable and trusted names in the sky. Since its maiden flight in 1969, more than 7500 Citation jets have been delivered, establishing the world’s largest business jet fleet. Citation, a renowned American Thoroughbred racehorse who claimed the American Triple Crown, inspired the name of this line of Cessna aircraft. The Citation III is one of the finest models from this family; the jet provides ample room for your executives to live and work while traveling. The pair of Garrett TFE731-3B turbofan engines on the Citation III power the jet at an impressive cruising speed of 543 mph or 880 km/h. The Cessna 650 Citation III has a nonstop range of approximately 2671 miles or 4300 kilometers, allowing you to travel further without having to stop for fuel. MERLIN1 introduced the Citation III to our fleet to cater to clients who want the most efficient way to travel.

Learjet 35

Another luxury business jet in our fleet, the Learjet 35, has proved to be a tremendous workhorse for its remarkable service in the United States Air Force and business aviation world. The Learjet 35 is powered by a couple of Garrett TFE731-2 turbofan engines, enabling the aircraft to cruise at 480 mph or 774 km/h. The iconic wingtip fuel tanks on a Learjet 35 extends its flying range while giving it a stylish appearance; its range is approximately 2789 miles or 4488 kilometers. The jet can be utilized according to your traveling needs, taking you anywhere in the United States, and even some international destinations, with a nonstop journey. The Learjet 35 is available at MERLIN1 and at your service—you’re just a call away from your next exciting adventure on this magnificent bird. Our unmatched private travel services at Charter Jets San Antonio and Charter Jets Austin are the result of being in the business for more than 25 years.

MERLIN1’s luxury business jets can take you anywhere in the country, our carefully curated aircraft fleet enables us to take you to cities and airports featuring shorter runways and more complex approaches. The Learjet 35 requires just 4972 feet of runway to takeoff at sea level on a standard day. At an airport with an elevation of 5000 feet, this runway requirement increases to 10,100 feet. With four passengers on board, the jet needs only 2550 feet of runway to land. The Citation’s takeoff distance is 5030 feet with a landing distance of just 2388 feet. Click here to learn more about our fleet.

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