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6 Ways Private Jet Chartering Is Better Than Flying Commercial

6 Ways Private Jet Chartering Is Better Than Flying Commercial

Getting across the country used to take months, and was very dangerous. Now, it’s very fast and very safe, but it still takes time. And flying commercial often comes with delays, logistical issues, and unnecessary stress.

Easy, Luxurious Travel in Texas

Flying commercial is a great way to inundate yourself with headaches. MERLIN1’s charter jets Austin, charter jets San Antonio, and charter jets Houston are the best way to get around Texas in style, at speed, and as soon as you want.

Taking private charter jets is a much, much faster and easier way to get to your important engagements. Let’s take a look at why.

1.) Private jet charter flights offer a more comfortable and luxurious experience than flying commercial.

You’ll be able to enjoy wider seats, more legroom, and other superior amenities. Depending on your charter, you may also get the plane all to yourself. Luxury is defined by light and space, so travelling with just your friends, family, or business associates is certainly luxurious.

A lot of the luxury in flying private comes from avoiding hassle by flying from a smaller airport. Large commercial airports are the exact opposite of luxury.

Plus, from take-off to landing, you get more attention from staff. Taking a private plane is the best way to make sure all of your needs are met in the air.

2.) Private jets are often faster and more convenient than flying commercial.

You’ll be able to avoid long lines at the airport and get to your destination quicker. This means more time to explore your destination, get to business meetings on time, and close more deals. Flying private makes you a better business person.

When you’re flying commercial, you get to the airport 3 hours before your flight, wait in a bunch of long lines, and then hang out at the gate eating lukewarm Cinnabon. When you fly private, you skip the lines and fly in style while avoiding all the nasty stuff.

3.) Private jets offer more privacy than commercial flights.

You’ll be able to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more intimate experience. If you’re in the market for chartering a jet, chances are your work is something of high value. You can’t have strangers peeking at your laptop screen or eavesdropping on your calls.

In-air work time can be some of the most productive time of a travel day. That work time should be cocooned in a private air charter, away from prying eyes.

Flying with charter services is great even if you’re not on the laptop in the air. Even if you just want to relax, it’s much easier to do so without chatty strangers, crying babies, and constant credit card offers.

4.) Private jet chartering can be cheaper than first-class commercial flights if you split the cost amongst your group.

Private charters are definitely more expensive than first-class commercial tickets, but since the flight is often priced at a flat rate, you can split the cost of the charter with your group. If your group is big enough, the cost for each person can sometimes be cheaper per person than a bunch of first-class tickets.

Of course, if you’re alone or footing the bill for the entire flight, a first-class ticket on a commercial airliner will be cheaper—but you also won’t get the extra amenities of flying private.

5.) Private jets offer a higher level of customer service than commercial airlines.

If attention to detail and customer service is what you value in your travels, private chartering is the way to go. Your charter company is there to serve you, so you’re able to make requests at your leisure or before your flight.

You’ll be able to receive personalized attention and assistance throughout your journey, allowing your private aviation experience to go as smoothly as possible.

Commercial air travel is designed to be as cheap as possible, which means everything is done in bulk. That’s why seats on commercial aircraft have been shrinking for decades. By investing in private charter flights, your air travel comes with concierge services, shorter flight times, private terminals and an overall more joyful experience.

6.) Private jets offer a wider range of routing options than commercial flights.

Because private air travel is, well, private, you’re afforded the ability to choose where you want to go and when. Want to go from Austin to Los Angeles? No problem. Los Angeles to New York? Easy-peasy. New York back to Austin? Just pick a time.

Private jet flights are the only way to do it for discerning travelers. Austin’s MERLIN1 charter jet service is the best of the best. Book your flight online now.

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