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Most people are familiar with commercial air travel, including complex flight schedules, possible delays, overcrowded seats, and related headaches. Those who want to avoid all these things can use the private jet. Whether for business or pleasure, private travel is more flexible than commercial airlines. You don’t even have to break the bank. Instead of owning your own jet, charter a jet by contacting Merlin1 private jet charter for specific itineraries and expert advice.

What are the benefits of traveling from Merlin1 private jet charter?

Convenience: Plan your schedule and choose the airport that is easiest to get to. This eliminates long queues and waiting for exits from gates and terminals. Private jet charters can be cheaper than first class commercial flights, especially if you take advantage of one-way private flights. Privacy comfort near a private jet. You can speak and act freely without worrying about a data breach. Private flights generally mean that you won’t be traveling with dozens of strangers. Private jet passengers generally know each other well and don’t have to worry about strangers. Productivity – Work and fly more comfortably than commercial flights without interference from other passengers. Luxury – Rest assured that you can work, talk, eat and sleep. Private jets fly more frequently than commercial jets. This reduces the risk of collisions with air traffic or bad weather. Both reduce the time it takes to achieve your goals. Corporate private jet charter Individuals and big companies choose private jets for a variety of reasons. Many are familiar with the convenience, flexibility, and experience of flying in a luxury private jet, but are familiar with the presence of private jet executives, senior managers, and key personnel who are the most difficult in various cities. Allows schedules and series of meetings. Access multiple destinations in one place or in one day. With a wide variety of popular private jets to choose from, Merlin1 is the most efficient and convenient way to transport senior executives particularly in Texas. Private jet charter for entertainment When you rent a private jet for your vacation, you, your family and friends can travel comfortably, peacefully, and privately. As the value of leisure activities increases, their popularity increases quickly and we value the travel experience as much as our destination. Whether it’s a short weekend ski trip or a two week Caribbean vacation, we can help you choose from a range of popular private jets that will get you and your loved ones to your destination with minimal fuss. Access to private jets also avoids busy airports and overcrowded queues. So you are ready to get the most out of your next adventure. Special flights and benefits Why should I choose a private flight? The main reason is the freedom that private jet charters offer. From planning to boarding, everything can be adapted to your needs, which makes it particularly cost-effective. Merlin1 fleet of Aircrafts available for private jet charter. MERLIN III:

  • Cabin capacity for up to 8 passengers (3 different cabin configs. to choose from!)
  • Fully enclosed lavatory (belted lav seat adds additional pax capacity)
  • 150 cubic feet of combined cargo storage
  • Arg/US Gold rated & Wyvern Registered operator
  • Experienced 2 pilot crew (TripCheq pass available upon request)


  • Fully refurbished December, 2018 (paint & interior)
  • 5’9″ stand up headroom
  • Cabin seating for 9 (3 person couch & 6 club seat config)
  • Fully enclosed lavatory
  • 60 cubic feet of cargo storage
  • Arg/US Gold rated & Wyvern Registered operator
  • Experienced 2 pilot crew (TripCheq pass available upon request)


  • Comfortable cabin seating for up to 6 passengers (8 seat belts available if traveling with children and/or petite adults)
  • 40 Cubic feet of cargo storage
  • 4 Hour nonstop range
  • Arg/US Gold and Wyvern Registered operator
  • Experienced 2 pilot crew (TripCheq pass available upon request)

For bookings and further inquiries feel free to call us at 210-777-6839 or email us at [email protected].   First-time travelers may have questions about the impact of private sector travel. The following sections provide answers to some common questions about private jet travel. How does the private flight work? Individuals or companies plan private flights through a charter airline. Many leasing companies have their own planes, others rent them. Private flights can be tailored to your schedule, unlike “empty” flights, which are based on planned routes. An empty flight is a destination for passengers traveling to their destination, but not a return flight. In some cases, customers can book free flights at reduced prices. However, if you are looking for yourself, it is almost impossible to find an empty flight that meets all the criteria for the trip. It also includes the date, time, and location. When working with a Merlin1 it can be easy to find the perfect tour entirely according to your desires. Private flights with Merlin1 private jet charter can be scheduled months or hours before departure. This allows you to plan ahead when you know when to take an emergency trip or a day trip. You do not need a private plane ticket, as the rental company sends you the itinerary by email. The itinerary also includes information about the crew and the pilot. To/From where private jets can fly? Private jets can fly from any airport, large or small. Small airports without large hubs are usually cheaper. There are many public airports that can only operate chartered aircraft, so passengers can choose the closest airport to save travel time. Upon arrival at the airport, walk from the terminal to the lounge and drive immediately. Without a large, busy runway and a large number of passengers, private jets tend to land faster than commercial jets. One of the benefits of private tours is that passengers can learn more about the trip. Details are also included. Commercial airlines do not usually fly directly, but private aircraft do not follow the rules of the major airlines and airports. If you want to arrive early, please request a direct route. If you want to spend some time on the plane, you can request an indirect route and enjoy the view for a long time. Is Merlin1 private jet charter safe? Private jets are as safe as commercial jets. Private jets must meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and the same safety standards as commercial jets. These include ensuring proper maintenance of the aircraft, training of qualified pilots and personnel, and training of passengers in safety procedures. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also provides specific guidance from a fixed-based operator (FBO), where many charter aircraft take off, including pilots, crew members, and aeronautical engineers. In addition to these rules, charter airlines have their own method of selecting employees and staff to ensure that their customers receive the best possible service. When looking for a chartered airline, it is advisable to know the experience of the pilot, especially the flight time of the plane in flight. You can also read how Merlin1 values ​​its employees. Merlin1 will be happy to advise you on how to take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Does the Department of Transportation control private passenger jets? Passengers on private jets are screened by TSA. However, there is no need to take off your shoes or drain the water. In fact, the general fixed allowance requirements do not apply to private jets. As a result, the safety of passengers in private jets is generally improved. Instead of the usual security protocol at the airport, passengers are screened at the terminal before boarding. According to TSA regulations, chartered aircraft with 61 or more passengers must undergo regular security checks. Small private jets, which typically carry 4 to 8 people, are unattended, as are passengers on commercial flights. What can I bring with me on a charter plane? Unlike commercial flights, charter flights have no weight restrictions. However, the size of the aircraft determines the amount of cargo on board. The luggage comes into the cabin with the passengers, so it has to enter the room without blocking the path. Otherwise, there is no limit to what you can get on your charter aircraft. There are no restrictions on liquids so you can bring lots of bottles of cosmetics and shampoo with you. You can also bring an airtight or loose bottle for wine or your favorite beverage. Pets are accepted on charter flights and can stay in the cabin instead of storing cargo. As with commercial flights, make sure your pet is vaccinated as needed. It is your responsibility to receive all required documents. Make sure you have the necessary documents for your international tour and immigration. This may include obtaining a separate visa for your pet. Can a private jet land anywhere? The simple answer is “yes”. Private jets can land at any airport in the country. Discuss your options with Merlin1 customer service to find out which airport will best fit your budget. If you want to use charter planes on international flights, you may not have the same options in the US. Charter aircraft must comply with international regulations and charter companies may require authorization to land at the international airport. Can I use electronic devices on a private jet? One of the advantages of private flights is that they are more efficient than commercial flights, even in first class. With Private Jet, you can take your laptop, tablet or phone with you and work with peace of mind. Many private jets also offer WiFi. If your job requires the internet or you want to surf while on the go, you need to order an airplane with WiFi technology. Electronic devices can be carried and used in private jets. However, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that all electronic devices such as phones and tablets be in airplane mode while in flight. This is particularly important during take-off and landing so as not to impair the aircraft’s navigation system. The FAA is more generous in this regard, stating that electronics can be used in flight as long as flight attendants are sure they will not interfere with navigational or communications systems. These rules only apply to electronic devices that can interfere with the communication system. Electronic devices such as pacemakers, electric shavers and portable recorders are not regulated and can be used while in flight. Do I need a passport or tourist visa on a private jet? Most charter flights are domestic, so you usually don’t need a passport. However, if you plan to charter an aircraft in an international city, that country’s immigration law will still apply. Be sure to bring these documents with you when traveling to countries that require passports and visas for Americans. This includes children and pets that may be traveling with you. All you can do is check the immigration rules of your destination country and make sure you have all the necessary documents in advance. This is especially important when it comes to visas, as many people have to wait a few weeks before applying and getting approved. When traveling in a private jet, installation and immigration are generally quicker for the same reasons as security. With a limited number of passengers and a dedicated charter landing terminal, you can have your passport verified and stamped in minutes. Are meals served on private flights? On private flights, passengers can get meals if they wish. The advantage of charter flights is that they don’t just fly on the same plan as commercial flights. Plus, travelers can order their favorite foods. Many passengers need a simple meal as private flights are often shorter than commercial flights. For example, fruit and vegetable dishes and a selection of cheeses that are easy to eat and serve without using a fire. If you want, you can order a specific dish from a specific restaurant. Special diet options are limited due to the need to pack food fresh and easily reheat on board. Some private jets have microwaves and others have hot ovens. Therefore, the package must be compatible with both. Also, some restaurants refuse to offer private jets because the food needs to be reheated, which can reduce quality. Another aspect of private jet dining is the convenience of eating and enjoying yourself. Spicy food is not recommended as the smell will remain in the cabin until the plane lands and the door is opened. Also, it is best to avoid foods that require precise movements for food intake, or that can drown or drip on an airplane. Whatever you want onboard Merlin1 private jet charter will be happy to assist you. You should know that you have paid for the food yourself and that the logistics have been delivered to you. For example, if you order a particular dish at a restaurant, the price of the meal will include the cost of the meal and the car rental company that will come there to collect and deliver the gas. Do I need a seat belt in private jet? Just like flight attendants, private jet passengers must fasten seat belts during takeoff and landing, as the Federal Aviation Authority requires seat belts and emergency protocols and seat belts from each passenger are on board. It should always be used. Locked and unlocked properly per Federal Aviation Administration regulations. How about a restroom in private jets? Aircraft access areas vary in size. As a result, some small aircraft do not have a bathtub. Never mind that most charter flights take less than 2 hours. Passengers are advised to use only FBO or instructions. The numbered jets in the tail offer accommodation options ranging from luxury and elegance to minimalism. Small airplanes may have a collapsible toilet. Others may have a normal bathroom similar to that found on commercial airplanes, but it is somewhat enclosed and can be uncomfortable for taller or taller guests. The fully enclosed private jet bathroom usually has a toilet, sink, and vanity mirror. These bathrooms usually have folding or sliding doors for easy access. FAQs:

  • Are operations single or dual pilot?

All MERLIN1 operations are conducted with two pilots working together in a crew environment.

  • How do I schedule a flight?

Contact us through this website or book through the book flights button.

  • What if I want to share the program with family, friends, or colleagues?

You own your flight hours– use them however you see fit!

  • If I sign up today, when will my aircraft be available?

Same day!

  • If a plane requires maintenance, as a customer am I at risk for this cost?

No. The only variable when it comes to pricing is which aircraft you select. There are no surprises!

  • If my plans take me out of town overnight, do I incur additional costs?

On each trip, you can keep the airplane for up to three nights and four days without additional costs except crew expenses.

  • Will I get a pat-down from TSA?

NO! Drive right up to your plane and walk right on. We’ll have you airborne within minutes and a car waiting for you plane-side upon landing.

  • Can I take the aircraft outside of the United States?

Absolutely! Don’t forget your passport!

  • What are the runway requirements?

We’ll verify every airport on your itinerary meets all appropriate requirements including runway length and amenities for our Texas charter jets. The short answer is, at sea-level, we require 4,000 feet of paved runway for the Merlin and 5,000 feet for both the Lear 35 and Citation III 650.

  • What FAA regulation does MERLIN1 operate under?

All MERLIN1 flights operate under FAR 135.

  • What if I have additional questions?

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 210-354-5261 or email us at [email protected] We can’t wait to hear from you! You can also visit our booking page to book your private jet charter.